7 Best And Affordable Indian Food Options For International Students

Indian Food:

Indian Food is the most suitable option for you if you are an international student in Australia, as Indian Food is affordable and nutritious. You can get all significant nutrients from Indian Food. Apart from this, Indian cuisine is known for its toothsome taste and Incredible preparation. For tasty Indian Food, you can visit an Indian Restaurant in Central Coast.

Moreover, at Indian restaurants, you can find a diverse range of food options that enlighten your taste buds with mouth-watering tastes. In the forthcoming paragraphs of this blog, we will discuss some popular Indian dishes which are affordable and best suitable for students in Australia. You can enjoy these food options at an Indian Restaurant in Ettalong Beach.

Food options for students:

  • Tandoori paneer Tikka: The cottage cheese with the marination of aromatic Indian spices with onion and capsicum. Roast together in an Indian-style oven (tandoor) that gives cottage cheese a smokey and flavourful taste. The dish is rich in nutrients and healthy, as well as a cost-effective food option.
  • Samosas- samosas are everyone’s favourite snack; it is a triangle-shaped snack filled with mashed potatoes, peas, and Indian spices. If you are an international student and looking for the perfect Indian snack, then Samosas will help to deal with your craving for Indian snacks.
  • Potato cakes: It is one of the other most suitable food options that satisfy your taste buds. The potato cakes are deep-fried potato patties infused with light spices that give them a Lip-smacking and home-like taste.

 Chicken Strips: The delicious chicken strips are one of the best food options for learners. It takes less time to prepare and is affordable, that saving you a lot of time and money. Moreover, chicken strips are rich in nutrients such as Protein and fat.

  • Spring rolls: Spring rolls are a popular Asian food item. It is a cylinder shape patty wrap with veggies. Further, fry in deep oil and serve with mint sauce.
  • Crispy mushrooms: Mushroom with the stuffing of cottage cheese and potatoes to make it a perfect snack. It is one of the best food options for students at reasonable prices. Apart from this, the mushrooms are rich in nutrients and help to provide major nutritional needs.
  • Tandoori Fish tikka: If you are a fish lover and looking for the best Fish option in Australia at reasonable prices. In that case, you must try over tandoori fish tikka, which spices up your taste buds with its appetising taste. Moreover, it is a healthy and affordable option.

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