6 Indian Sweets That Are Must Be Prepared in Every Diwali Feast

Let’s make this blog tasty!

Diwali is heading and what are your plans for sweet treats? Which sweet dishes are you making at home and which ones have you planned to order from outside?

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Being in Australia, it becomes extremely difficult to organise the proper Indian Diwali event and prepare all the food items all alone. No?

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Today, we are going to let you know various kinds of Indian sweet dishes or desserts which people usually like to relish during the festive season.

  • Kaju Katli

One of the expensive sweet dishes which everybody among you must have liked. It includes the buttery and rich taste of the cashew nuts and the

  • Mawa
  • Besan Ke Ladoo

The folks present around you might have got water in their mouths when Besan ke laddoo is just shouted out. This sweet dessert is prepared by roasting the besan and mixing either jaggery or any sugary substance in it and preparing the laddoo balls.

  • Jalebiyan

I know you are also a jalebi lover. The authentic taste of the jalebi can only be experienced if it is prepared in the clarified Butter for the desi ghee. When served hot, it makes you realise – ‘Oh the festive season is in.

  • Rasgulle

The white sweet heaven!

Have I renamed it in the right way?

No matter whether it is Diwali or Holi, the elders at our house are always willing to taste these white delights.

These are when dipped into the Chashni, then these give the wonderful joy of the taste and sweetness.

  • Gulab Jamun

These are the black or brown sweet dumplings which are dipped in sugar syrup. These give superior taste vibes when you just place them in your mouth.

The gulab jamuns are usually liked by the people for their softness which does not let your mouth wait for your teeth to attack it. They just get slipped into your tummy the moment you place them on your tongue.

  • Kheer

Those who are a great fan of the white pudding are the ones who want to have this every Diwali. Are you also among those?

This white pudding is extremely simple to prepare. The white rice is boiled in sweetened milk.

Final Comments!

If you are the one who likes all the above-mentioned Diwali delights, then please let us know. Since we are planning to share the 5 minutes quick recipes of those items which are most relished by the people.

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