5 tips to follow when you are preparing the savoury seafood dish at home

We usually approach the Indian restaurant in Warners Bay, if we want to enjoy the luxurious Seafood. But according to the master chefs of the Indian restaurants in Sydney, “Cooking seafood at home is much more convenient as compared to the Meat dishes .”

Are you interested to know some of the tips which can help you to speed up your seafood cooking?

So let’s get started:

Buy the right kind of the seafood

When you are buying the seafood, then make sure you are purchasing the fresh food. Your nose and eyes can be your trustworthy partners to know whether the food is fresh or not.


If the Indian food is smelling bad or is soggy or mushy when touched, then you should not buy such items.


  • Fresh and healthy seafood always smells salty and like the ocean.
  • It should be firm and moist.
  • If you are finding something relevant on the counter, then do not be shy to go to the frozen section.

Remove the excessive water

The meat is accountable for creating crispy and golden crunch on the top because of the nice sear. To get that sear, you should eliminate the water by patting it dry.


Do never proceed with the cooking process (either frying or baking) without drying the seafood. Otherwise, you may end up tasting something awkward.


If you have preserved the fish in the refrigerator, then make sure you are placing it at room temperature for about 15 to 20 minutes before it is cooked.


For obtaining a nice sear on the seafood, you should make sure that you are considering preheating aspects either you are frying the fish or you are baking it.

  • Pan Frying

If you are pan-frying the fish, then you have to make sure that the pan is preheated. The sign of the well-heated oven is that when the water is splashed on it, then it immediately evaporates.

  • Oven

As far as the oven is concerned, then make sure that it should be heated to about 350 to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pan distancing

In this Covid period, when we all are following the social distancing, then how can we forget about the food. LOL! When you are cooking the seafood make sure that you are not overcrowding the pan.


Leaving no space in between the food items and overcrowding will never help you to come out with the nicely seared meat, because the excessive juices may make your food soggy and mushy.

Do not get busy with other home chores

The seafood does not take as much time as meat takes to take. For example, the shrimp and shallots take only 5 minutes to become nicely and perfectly cooked, while the time may vary from 5 to 20 minutes for the fish fillets to get cooked.

So when you’re cooking seafood at home, then make sure that you are not getting busy here and there, otherwise, you may end up getting either overcooked or burnt meat.

Bottom Line

So the next time, you prepare the sea food like a restaurant, then do not forget to conside all the above mentioned points in account.

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