Indian Restaurant Umina Beach: The Grand Pavilion

Yeah!! Good news for you!!

We are now open at Umina Beach!

The Grand Pavilion Indian Restaurant in Umina Beach, We welcome you to one of the magnificent Indian Restaurants in Umina Beach. With an exquisite and splendid variety of Indian dishes, we are sure to make you feel over the moon.  The savory meal cooked with the traditional techniques at the best Indian Restaurant Umina Beach keeps you connected with the beautiful Indian culture.

You will LOVE us for:

The best service

We have charming and competent staff, whose primary motive is to satisfy the customers and make them feel the good vibes. They have been trained to maintain cordial relations with the staff. The traditional serving style along with the smile on the face of the staff is what makes the customers feel on top of the world and they can enjoy the food to the fullest.

The freshly cooked meal

As soon as the coordinator informs the chef about the order, the chef turns on the flame and starts cooking the fresh meal. From the preparation of the gravy to the sauteeing of the vegetables, everything is done freshly. We are committed to providing our customers with quality, hygienic and tasty food because we do not want to compromise their health at any cost.

The affordable prices

You will not find the prices that make your heart throb rapidly at the best Indian Restaurant in Umina Beach. Rather, these are so affordable that anyone can have the benefit of enjoying luxury food.

Umina Beach – The Exotic Location

We have painstakingly worked to make our restaurant the best Indian Restaurant at Umina Beach. We have emerged victorious to provide the customers with the best view when they are enjoying the mouthwatering dishes. After thorough research and efforts, we finally come out successful in putting a beautiful smile on the faces of our customers.

The easy reservation

Remember! We are just a call away. Make us informed that you want to reserve a table and the rest of the work is ours to make you feel tremendously special.

We value our customers

It means a lot to us that you have shown faith in us to visit us for the first time to enjoy the meal. So it becomes our responsibility to make your dining experience as special as we can.

The best environment

The mild music, the mesmerizing aroma of the food along with the comfortable sitting is what you require for the happy me-time.