Are you searching for the best Indian restaurant in Ettalong Beach? Then do not worry. We have got you covered. Ettalong Beach Is known for its little cafes and restaurants. There are many places where you can get the regal experience as a tourist or a resident. You can explore the beautiful architecture, excellent museums, and exhibition buildings while enjoying the Best Chicken in Ettalong Beach.

It can be hard to find the best restaurant in your area to satisfy your hunger pangs with fresh food. 

The Grand Pavilion Is ready to take care of your food cravings. We make sure to deliver to your area and also give you the service of Takeaway. There is no doubt that the most significant factor in serving a delicious meal is to explore the nook and cranny of that particular cuisine.

Chicken dishes that you should try 

Indian cuisine is not for serving some of the most delectable chicken dishes ever. You can order various options from a menu list to explore the taste of India. Let us discuss some of the most celebrated and iconic non-vegetarian Indian options.

  • Pepper chicken
  • The chef creates this chicken dish with fresh Peppercorns and other mild spices to give it its unique flavor.

  • Mango chicken
  • It is a dish that is packed with tropical flavor. A beautiful combination of sweet and savory that gets its spices from red chilies.

  • Chettinad chicken
  • It is one of the most popular dishes that heals from the region of Southern part of India. This Food item is both creamy and spicy at the same time. There is a freshly grounded coconut and numerous spices in it that gives a treat to your senses of taste. You can get Chicken delivery and takeaway in Ettalong Beach to try out the exotic flavors.

  • Butter Chicken

The iconic dish of Indian cuisine! You cannot not try butter chicken while visiting an Indian restaurant. And we serve the best out of all! People love this mildly spicy and creamy, velvety texture Dish. And rightfully so!

Drool-worthy food and a variety of chicken meal

Imagine having tons of options in the chicken meal. Unlike any other restaurant, we try to give fresh flavor and healthy meals to our customers with various options. Our favorite chicken meal is Chicken tikka masala in Ettalong Beach. There are different other options that you should try, including: Spicy Pavilion Chicken, Jalfrezi Chicken, Vindaloo Chicken, Korma Chicken, Madras Chicken, Saagwala Chicken, Biryani Chicken in Ettalong Beach.

Side dishes are to go along

Indian cuisine is all about the varieties of food items. The side dishes Get their moment to shine. From naan to rice, there are just tons of options that you can order along with your main course.

Indian food in its true Desi style

Indian food is known for its spices. You cannot disassociate one from the other. The main highlight of any main course is its spices which have many healthy components. To enjoy Indian cuisine, you need to explore the Desi Indian food items. This would make you, as a foodie, understand and analyze the heritage and culture of India 

Indian food in its glory

Order your food right now From us and enjoy the authentic Indian cuisine.