About us

Our Approach is Simple

We have a passion for pure flavor, quality ingredients, and for creating an atmosphere that is convivial, approachable, and a heaven for people who simply love food.

Our Food

We work with our team of chefs to source products with integrity, flavor and soul, and incorporate these authentic offerings into our menus. The result is food that is honest, straightforward and pays homage to true traditional Indian and Indo-Chinese cuisine. Using fresh ingredients and preparing them minimally with respect to true Indian flavours allows us to capture the essence of this great cuisine and bring it straight to your table.

Our Team

Poonam photo


Laid-back, eclectic and unpretentious, The Grand Pavilion has an elegant feel to it. Warm hues, soft lighting and an unexpected quirkiness encourage guests to settle in, get comfortable, and have a great time. The ability to actually see Chefs create magic in the kitchen will give you reassurance.


The Grand Pavilion experience is about more than just food. A sincere effort to educate our staff on all aspects of Indian and Indo-Chinese food and wine culture is the basis for our service philosophy. The welcoming staff at TGP goes to great lengths to make diners feel at ease, comfortable and well taken care of.

Gunashekhar (Executive Chef)

Gunashekhar photo

Born and raised in India, Chef Gunashekhar began cooking in local restaurants at a tender age. He started a catering company and restaurant consulting business when he was 17 . After 14 years experience working in luxury hotels such as Maurya Sheraton New delhi , he is now all set to bring his culinary expertise and kitchen magic right into your mouthwatering tongues.

Chef Gunashaker makes cooking fun inhabited and transforms food into an art form. He is not only a Chef but also a master of Restaurant business as a whole. He helps existing restaurants solve their kitchen issues, surprises them and takes them on a culinary ride like never before. For Chef Gunashaker its not just cooking its cooking made exciting.

After having meal at The Grand Pavilion, you will leave with a smile because you know that now you can impress a family member or friend with one of Chef Gunashaker’s magical creation and give them a memorable dining experience.

Poonam (Manager)

Poonam photo

After leaving her career in food and hospitality industry in India, Poonam spent the early part of her career working in numerous kitchens, bars, and dining rooms in Sydney.

“I had worked just about every restaurant job out there while trying to figure out the direction I was headed professionally,” says Poonam “I finally realized that I loved the restaurant industry and wanted to take it all the way.”

Poonam started crafting plans to use her Managerial skills she learnt from India. Determined to take her career in right direction, she happened to meet Chef Gunashaker. Both shared same business ideology. Poonam was the right person Chef Gunashaker was looking for to manage his business.

The two began a conversation about a unique restaurant that would feature simple, seasonal, food in a sociable, unpretentious setting. In 2012, that idea became a reality with the birth of The Grand Pavilion restaurant. After months of discussion and planning Poonam became Manager at The Grand Pavilion Restaurant, where she had the opportunity to work side-by-side with Executive Chef Gunashaker.

On any given night, you will find Poonam presiding over the dining room at The Grand Pavilion, managing back and front end of the Restaurant; always striving to create an environment that people want to return to again and again.